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Fed up with melting faces for a living, cyborg session musicians Raid Max and Didi T realized they could make way more money as exterminators.

together they concocted a potent fog of activist dance music (made exclusively from penetrating ear worms) that is guaranteed to kill karens on contact

ADM was so successful on their uk tour that venues from edinburgh voodoo rooms to brighton concorde 2 to London Oslo are now 100% karen-free. 


Due to the meteoric rise of election-year karens popping up throughout America, Killing Karens will make their US debut in 2024 to help the good people of the land of the free exterminate ignorance, bigotry, and most of all karens. 


NS Killing Karens -7_edited.jpg

some karens reported our instagram so we've been banned from all zuckerland. subscribe to our email list and stay tuned.

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